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Belasco delivers affordable Home Heating Oil & Fuel Oil Throughout Central & South Jersey

home-heating-oilBelasco Petroleum Company (BPC INC) delivers a premium high sulfur heating oil to its customer’s houses. Belasco wants its customers to have worry free winters with a minimum amount of service calls.

Belasco not only purchases a premium high sulfur heating oil dyed red from the refinery, Belasco again treats its oil at their storage facility making sure an optimum product is delivered to your home.

Belasco treats their high sulfur heating oil with an additive called Sid Harvey’s STR-2 + sludge dispersant and de-icer. This product melts ice, lowers pour point by 25 degrees insuring that the heating oil will flow from the tank to your furnace or boiler despite the lowest of temperatures outside.

Sid Harvey’s STR2+ also dissolves sludge, emulsifies and disperses water, prevent hard carbon build-up, and reduces soot. The end result being Belasco is reducing the amount of service calls to your home, you the customer again being protected

Please feel free to contact us about our competitive pricing on home heating oil. Our email address is: info@belascooil.com

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